Startup 1# - SleekUI

Startup 1# - SleekUI

TLDR - I've Launched SleekUI

I launched the first version of SleekUI, a comparison site for design tools, based on a Google Sheet as the database in late December:

The way Pat Walls does SEO for Starter Story is some of the inspiration behind why I made this, when it comes to how he leverages existing data to create content. I used to spend a ton of time studying SEO, and therefore I'm adding my knowledge to the mix of the strategy I'm using.

At this point, the content part of SleekUI is an experiment to see what sort of traffic I can get from Google. Instead of publishing content through a WordPress or Ghost blog, the CMS is built from scratch using Svelte and Sapper. Doing it this way does make setting everything up much slower than simply writing normal blog articles, but in the long term creating a system like this should make it easier to create content.

I'm also creating everything myself because it improves my skills. These are valuable things to know for freelance work.

SleekUI is still supposed to be a genuinely useful resource for UI designers. I will let it sit for a while to see if my SEO content gains any traction. And then get back to the project if it does, or if I want to pivot the project.